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Comprehensive Searches are critical to establish


 (1) whether you are wasting time and money re-inventing the wheel, and 

(2) assist you to avoid infringing (and substantial costs) of infringing pre-existing intellectual property rights.


The largest error when businesses search for trademarks is they might put in their word, example GHOST for clothing, and the database may say “0 results found” leading them to lodge an application. 

Later on the business lodges a trademark application which is rejected and/or they are being sued by the owner of a variant trademark for GHOOST in the same industry.

Searching requires legal knowledge, case law and experience to work out exactly how close you are to other comes and to determine your threat level before you invest thousands or hundreds of thousands rolling out the brand into the market, only to find out you have to start all over again, but don’t have any money left to do it.


Our patent searches are important for ideas and inventions, and we search worldwide to identify if there are any close or similar patent  concepts. 

We can then better assess what chance you have of gaining a granted patent services. 

You may find you have narrow scope of rights.


Design searches are important to establish whether your design is unique or previously been registered by a competitor. 

It is similar but not as complex as patent searching. 

Sometimes patent services and design searches must be done together.

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